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Current press on Over The Moon.


The first band on the Soundwave Stage was Over the Moon. The Staten Island emo and alternative rock group were special guests at Sonic Temple, as Over the Moon was the band who had battled through the ranks in a nationwide contest for the exclusive honor to playing Sonic Temple. The up-and-comers prevailed and seized the coveted spot over thousands of other contestants. These bright and enthusiastic musicians had their name added to the Day Three billing, and shared the Soundwave Stage with the likes of Mothica, Yelawolf, and many others. Day Three required contention with the rabid mass of attendees, but rather than facing thousands of competitors, they were greeted with thousands of people chanting their name. “We are very glad to be here,” guitarist Lou Adipietro told Metal Injection. Adipietro continued, saying “[it was] an amazing experience playing a festival, especially in the early stages as a band – everyone has been so nice, it's just incredible.” Founder and vocalist Nick Mahoney spoke to the chaos and anticipation of playing a stage as big as Sonic Temple, saying “preparation pays off – we prepared like nutjobs.” As for the most exciting part of the festival, Mahoney says it has “the fan response. We were taking pictures and signing autographs for over an hour [today].” Over the Moon hopes that Sonic Temple is just the beginning: in less than two weeks the band starts its next tour as a supporting act for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Coming up next was Staten Island, New York band Over The Moon. Fresh off their impressive performance at Sonic Temple, this emo group is currently touring with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on the Summer 2023 tour. This group is everything you would expect from an emo alternative band, and then some. With a sound that you would expect to hear on the radio at the height of the emo boom of the 2000s, the group was impressive during their short set at Eastside Bowl. They opened the night with their latest release Here To Stay and followed with another new song Playing with Fire. Their energy on stage was contagious and you could feel the crowd bouncing along as lead singer Nick Mahoney moved around the stage. After Your Life My Life,



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